Leijenaar Electronics is a registered company of William Leijenaar. The activities are done in my free time besides a full-time job as RF engineer.The main focus of Leijenaar Electronics is designing electronic systems from idea to a working product.

For so far the projects worked on are mainly linear RF transponders designs, but other areas of interest are also welcome like CATV systems, audio systems, tube amplifiers, antenna systems, remote control, sensors, micro-controller systems etc.

Some products I designed:

  • Linear transponder for Indian HAMSAT
  • LE005-R2: Sold dozens for high altitude balloon projects, on Lithuania LitSat-1, On Argentina NUSAT-1
  • Custom made UHF-SHF linear transponders for AprizeSat-9 and AprizeSat-10

My employment experiences:

  • Feb 2015 – Dec 2017 Validation Engineer, NXP Semiconductors

Testing and validation of complex LTE front-end products that include RF switches, multi band LNA’s, OTP, MIPI RFFE interface. Made a test setup to fully characterize the SPI, I2C and MIPI RFFE interface used in new product designs.

  • May 2012 – Feb 2015 Application Engineer, NXP Semiconductors

Application Engineer for the wideband amplifier segment. I took care of evaluation board design, writing application notes, making simulation models, provide early customer sampling, give customer support, give training to FAE team and distributers, community platform, develop GUI in C++ and C# for products that have SPI control. Some of the products I have worked on: UGY1088, BGA3012, BGA3015, BGA3018, BGA3021, BGA3022, BGA3023, BGA7352, BGU8061, BGA8062, BGA8063.

  • Jan 2006 – May 2012 CATV RF Development Engineer, NXP Semiconductors

Development of CATV hybrid power-doublers and push-pull amplifiers. I was involved in circuit simulation and PCB designing, full module characterization and preparing for mass production. Some of the products that I have developed: CGY888C, CGY1041, CGY1043, CGY1047, CGY1049, CGY1032.