LE016-R5 :

State of the art QO-100 transverter

Small size plug-and-play system for easy and powerfull communication access via the geostationary QO-100 amateur satellite, in combination with a standard available 2m/70cm radio system.

Status: under development


435 MHz to 2400 MHz upconverter

  • Input attenuator integrated (max. 5 W input)
  • >36 dBm output power at 2400 MHz.
    • Thermal protection circuit included
    • Short time resistant to high VSWR

10 GHz downlink converter:

  • 1st down conversion done with LNB to 740 MHz range
    • Final conversion done by LE016-R5
      • SSB is converted to 144 MHz IF amateur band
      • DVB-S is converter to 1.5 GHz IF for set-top box
      • IF output protected against accidental RF input
  • LNB powered via LE016-R5 through the coaxial cable
    • Hor/vert polarization voltage selectable


    • Enclosure size: 100mm x 100mm x 33mm
    • Enclosure mounting holes in each corner
    • 10 MHz Oven Controlled Xtal Oscillator integrated
    • LNB ref. oscillator circuit integrated
      • Programmable between 20…30 MHz
      • Injected via 2nd LNB F-connector port
      • Locked to OCXO
    • Configurable via dip switches or RS232 link
    • Wide supply range of 11 V … 32 Vdc